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Are you looking for a firm or Person who can handle your website or Social Media Marketing India. DigitalAawaz will become your end to end solution for Facebook Promotion in India .Quite a number of people think that Facebook is a great marketing resource because a lot of people are using Facebook every day. Although they are correct to certain extend, Facebook is not originally designed to be a marketing platform. It is a social media platform. In other words, it is designed for people interacting with each other online. Marketing is just one of the ways of using Facebook.

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Facebook Profile - A picture is worth thousand words. We make sure to add a picture in your profile and Fill in your past info such as schools went and make it public so that people can find you through search. We Fill in your interests and make it public so that fellow subscribers could relate to you and also in all your websites such as a blog, Twitter, our capture pages etc on your profile. By default, only your primary website is displayed. We would highly recommend displaying all your websites in our profile. Anyone visiting our profile page could click on your URLS and learn more about you.

Add Friends - We Add Friends after creating a profile and also increase it day by day. We add up to 25- 30 friends a day because Excessive adding of friends will result in removing your page. After that we Interact with friends through like and comment Once we have added a few friends and see their content on your home page, start interacting with them by liking and commenting on their updates.
Commenting on updates could have a viral effect. When we comment on an update, our comment will show up on the updater's wall and is visible to all his friends. So, it pays to make intelligent comments and get traffic back to your page. Also we share quotes, posts, and videos freely that has a positive impact..It is a key to interact with friends as much as possible.

Facebook Photo Albums We feel free to share your pictures and videos with your friends on social networking sites. People would love to know more about you through pictures and videos. If we have been to a networking event and have taken pictures with the leaders and fellow networkers, we share those pictures with stories about the events and see the traffic to your website increasing If a picture is worth thousand words, how much is a video worth? In 2009, video marketing has been growing rapidly and is here to stay. Facebook allows us to either upload videos or shoot a video instantly. More we share the videos, better it is. So we do share your videos about networking events, funny incidents, achievements and any other video that could have a positive influence on others. We use the video feature of Facebook in a couple of ways and are seeing phenomenal results:
1. We introduce you to recently added friends. A short video describing who you are and appreciating for friendship.
2. We use instant Facebook video recording option to wish birthdays to friends Facebook Groups Group positions you as a leader and displays the value you can provide to fellow networkers.

Facebook Likes

Facebook Groups - Facebook users who join your group can be converted to prospects for your biz by using effective attraction marketing strategies. It pays to establish a group and providing value to the members of the group through emails, invitations to an event etc we also use groups in Facebook to identify likeminded people and to promote your sites.

Facebook Events - Facebook allows us to create a public event (viewable to all members of Facebook) and provides us URL that can be used to communicate on other social networks like Twitter, MySpace etc. We send an event invitation via email to all your group members. Event feature keeps track of the user’s status (attending, not attending, and may be) about the event. We see an increase in numbers for the event when we blast a reminder email to people who were not sure or were planning to attend.

Facebook Wall Posts Every user in Facebook has a wall where he posts messages and moderates the comments made. If you are a core Facebook user, we are sure that you must be posting and promoting your content on your wall. However, It is worth much more to learn how to post your content effectively on walls of the members having a huge number of friends. It can be done by giving a lot of value that could be beneficial to the users visiting the page. Facebook will disable your account if they see you spamming.So, we are aware while using this approach.

Facebook Notes We do have a self hosted word press blog and provide valuable content. Facebook notes is also an awesome feature we use to make your valuable blog content visible publicly to all members of Facebook. Also, there are applications that import your blog content into the notes in an automated way. Isn't that cool? This feature would increase your blog traffic tremendously and ultimately your sales if you are using the blog as central hub/nerve center as I mentioned in my Attraction Marketing Blueprint post.